It's very easy to find us!

We are just around the corner from the "Supertodo Express" supermarket in the Sarie Bay neighborhood.

Building main door passcode:

JAMMIN' room key:


How do you want to get there?

If you have a Wi-Fi connection in San Andrés, it is possible to get there without reading the instructions by following the path shown on Google Maps or when you arrive you will have the possibility of connecting to a free network from the door of the building.

Check-in and check-out times

15:00 horas

Podrás ingresar después de esa hora

Early check-in

Por un costo de $90.000 COP para ingresos antes de las 9am y $50.000 COP para ingresos después de las 9am

12:00 horas

Deberás salir antes del medio día

Late check-out

Por un costo de $50.000 COP para salidas hasta las 17:00 horas y late check-out extendido por $90.000 hasta las 24:00 horas.

If you do not wish to take the early check-in or late check out service, you can request a free locker assignment so you can store your luggage and continue enjoying the island.

You'll recognize the Simmer Down logo above the front door

If you are having problems arriving or have questions prior to your arrival, write to me or call me via WhatsApp

Please self-register within 24 hours prior to your arrival.

By national regulation it is necessary to provide certain information of all guests to the Ministry of Tourism.
Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out this information 😉

Reservation holder - Step 1 of 3

In compliance with a regulatory mandate of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MCIT), in article 2 of Resolution 409 of 2022, it is stated that it is the duty of all tourist accommodation service providers to inform the MCIT of the data required for the Filling out the Accommodation Registration Card (TRA). The collection of said information is theoretically for statistical purposes for decision-making in public policy matters. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the purposes of commercial activity, the provider is obliged to request the consent of the guest for the processing of personal data.

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Recommended activities

We want to recommend only the best of San Andrés, that is why we are creating this list of places and activities on our Blog so that you can experience the best services, products and plans to do on the island of San Andrés.

Most are places known or recommended by our local experts and you can rest assured that only the best make it to the Simmer Down Guest House list!


Johnny Cay

It is a small sand islet located north of San Andrés, you can see it from Spratt Baight beach just 5 minutes from Simmer Down. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island of San Andrés due to

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Car & moto rental

Da’Black Almond Car Rental

We recommend you talk to Jaime for vehicle rental His phone number is +573153034555. Tell him you’re on Tarek’s behalf 😉 Rental of mules (Kawasaki Mule) and motorcycles (Yamaha BWS) Mule 6 seats kawasaki proMule 2 positions kawasaki 5xMule 5 seats kawasaki

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Recreación y deporte

Marine Parasail

Enjoy a 15-minute flight and a magnificent view of the bay during the ride that lasts around 2 hours. To do the activity you must contact the Marine Parasail phone number by Whatsapp and/or arrive 30 minutes before the time at the

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Walking arrival

  1. Head to the Sarie Bay neighborhood (ask which direction that neighborhood is located when leaving the airport).
  2. Enter the neighborhood by turning at the only traffic light in the Sarie Bay neighborhood, the traffic light is in front of the fishmonger restaurant or the fisherman’s place.
  3. On the second block turn right.
  4. Two blocks later, turn left just after passing in front of the Supertodo Express supermarket. The supermarket is only 150m from Simmer Down.
  5. Simmer Down Guest House is the first building you see just as you turn the corner. The facade of the building has two signs with the name of the place, several aluminum doors with natural color and a purple roller door.

Pro tip: It is more pleasant to arrive by the pedestrian avenue, you can reach it if you head north after leaving the airport until you find the beach. You first pass through the Colombian Air Force (FAC) and then you pass between the El Islander restaurant and the Decameron Isleño hotel.
When you get to the pedestrian street and find the beach, walk to your left, pass the sign that says I LOVE San Andrés and there you can start reading the arrival instructions.
This path is recommended because there is no decent sidewalk to walk if you go along the airport runway. Remember to bring some water and maybe a cap or hat if you plan to do this tour during the hottest hours of the day.

Arrival by taxi

  1. If you go by taxi, tell the driver literally like this: “Please take me to the Simmer Down inn in Sarie Bay, around the corner from the super everything express supermarket.”
  2. Simmer Down Guest House is just 150 meters from the super everything express supermarket, so as soon as you pass in front of the supermarket, the taxi driver must turn left and the first building you will see is Simmer Down. The facade of the building has two signs with the name of the place, several aluminum doors with natural color and a purple roller door.

Pro tip: If the taxi driver does not recognize the place, tell him that in the past this building was called the Gallo de Oro building, and that Mrs. María Said also lived there.

Our recommendations 🙂

  1. To enter San Andrés, everyone over 7 years old must purchase a tourist card from the airport of origin. This has a cost of $124,000 COP and when you are filling out the information in the address field you must put: “Barrio Sarie Bay, Posada Guest House”, in San Andrés addresses with nomenclature are rarely used.
  2. If you are walking with hand luggage, do not go on the road, go along the pedestrian avenue.
  3. Garbage must be thrown in the space provided for this purpose outside the building in the booth marked with garbage gates for recyclables, non-reusables and organics.
  4. Conserve power on your cell phone so you can access this page when you need it.
  5. Try to return from the beach without sand on your body or in your clothes. Whatever you cannot shake off, please do not take it to the shower at the accommodation. Remove the sand using the foot washing platform that is located in front of the stairs of the building. This platform is used without shoes or flip-flops and you must dry yourself well before leaving that area to avoid getting the stairs wet. Being careful with this point is highly appreciated.
  6. Air conditioners must always remain off while you are not inside the Simmer Down facilities and please also be careful not to stain your linen.
  7. If you have any problems during your stay, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp to try to solve your problem or concern as soon as possible.

We hope you have a wonderful stay at Simmer Down Guest House