We are located in the Sarie Bay neighborhood in the North End area near the Spratt Bay beach and close to the airport, 5 minutes from the sign

I ♥ San Andres and a 15-minute walk from the commercial area

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Yes, it is only a 15-minute walk away. It is recommended to go along the pedestrian avenue, leaving the airport head towards the pedestrian avenue between the restaurant and the El Isleño hotel. When you reach the beach, turn left and at the traffic light enter the Sarie Bay neighborhood.

600 meters or 6 minutes walk from Spratt Bay beach where the “I ♥ San Andres” sign is located, 15-20 minutes from downtown depending on which area of downtown you are going to.

It is not necessary, the center and shops are only a 15 minute walk along the pedestrian street along the Spratt Bight beach. If you want to go further, near the accommodation you can use public transport. A bus can take you anywhere on the island and bring you back.

Walking from the airport will take you only 15 minutes, we are located in the Sarie Bay neighborhood in the north of the island.

You will have a supermarket 100m from the accommodation. Food, transportation rental and commerce will be within walking distances next to the beach.

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